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You are Fan-Dabi-Dozi 

Hello P4s!!

We have put together work for you to complete over the next few weeks! They will include, Spellings and Tables, Maths and English for each day and some WAU tasks to complete. Try and do 30 minutes of reading each day also. You can print this work out or you can complete it on a page. Don't panic if there is something that you don't understand, all we ask is that you try your best!
Each week I will upload revision of your x2, x3, x5 and x10 tables to keep them fresh in your mind. Try and get outside for a walk and some exercise each day as this is just as important as your schoolwork.

Hopefully I will see you soon,
Miss Cleland.

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 P4 Work 15th June - 19th June
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Inside this folder you will find extension worksheets. Some of these pages will be revision of topics we have done throughout the year, please try and complete one page a day :) 

 P4 June 15th Challenge
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 P4 Work 8th June - 12th June
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