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 P5 Work 8th-12th June
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 P5 Work 15th-19th June
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Hello P5s!

We have put some work here for you! There are spellings, tables and home read for each day along with a piece of English and Maths and a little bit of WAU research work. You can print things out or simply write your answers in an exercise book. Just try your best, don't worry if there is something you aren't sure of. Remember it's so important to get outside too, don't spend all day in front of a screen! Take care and hopefully we will see you soon,

Mrs Rock and Mrs Glenn.

Memories of P5

A useful website for Maths and English activities is-

A helpful website for your WAU project on The Ancient Egyptians is -

Maths MASH UP!

Have a look at BBC Bitesize - especially the Maths Mash Up at the start of each day!